What is the proper award certificate wording?


Award certificate wording will really depend on the award being presented. There are not strict rules when it comes to wording on an award certificate but there are usually some common sections that are found on them. The two most important are the title (or why the award is being given) and the recipient's name. Other information that can be found on an award certificate are: date, from, presentation from line, description, and a signature.
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1. Choose a format for the award certificate layout. The design selected for the certificate will dictate the specific order of text, depending on the placement of the recipient's
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You need to know: portrait | landscape | letter size The instructions in this tutorial use the default ribbon layout in Word 2010. If you've customized the ribbon and tools then you
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Award Certificate Wording Ideas
Finding the write words for an award no matter the occasion can seem daunting. There is a lot that can be said, but only so much space in which to say it. When writing for an award certificate keep it simple. There is time to say how you feel about the... More »
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