What contributions made by the Aztecs have influenced today's society?


Even though the Aztecs are remembered as a violent, warlike people, their peaceful contributions influence today's society in such fields as education and pharmacology. The Aztec empire was one of the first to require mandatory education for its children. It began as a form of homeschooling, and, at 12 years of age, boys and girls left home to attend formal schools.

Another contribution made by the Aztecs is in pharmacology. By using herbs and flowers, they were able to create medicines used to prevent muscle spasms and reduce pain. One of their medicines, which used the sap of an agave plant to heal and disinfect wounds, is still used today to kill E. coli bacteria.

Aztec innovations influence today's society in many other ways, such as food, language and art.

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Cultural:Gold_Bars,Temples,Pottery. " Cultural:Gold Bars,Temples,Pottery.
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