How was the government set up in the Aztec empire?


While it is called the Aztec empire it could more accurately be described as a grouping of small nation states that paid tribute to the central ruler. The Aztec government had the vast majority of its territories or states governed by the local authority whom would be given a great amount of autonomy to govern as they pleased so long as the tributes continued to come. These regional or local rules were called Altepetl. Each Altepetl served the empire's king. The king was a dynastic leader whose power came through their birth right much the same as European empires. Upon the conquering of new lands or territories the king had little to do with the day to day governing of the people.
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Previous Answer that was replaced by a nonsense answer: The Aztecs government was a system of tribute. Their leaders lead several invasions. Each city had its own king or emperor,'s_gov...
The Aztec government was unlike other systems of government during the time. In fact,
Like the Parthians, they were organized as individual city states that were loyal to the Aztec emperor. They were given free reign in their own lands as long as they paid their tributes
power was transferred from father to son in the Aztec government.
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