What language did the Aztecs speak?


The language the Aztecs spoke was the Nahautl language. As of 2014, this language is spoken by approximately 1.5 million people in Mexico.

Classical Nahautl was used from around the 7th century AD until the Spanish conquest during the 16th century. The modern dialects that are used in the Valley of Mexico are the closest to the classical Nahuatl dialect. The original language was written with pictures to help serve as a mnemonic to remind readers of what they had recently learned orally. The language appeared in carvings in stone and in picture books, and the Latin alphabet was used to write a large amount of poetry.

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The Aztec language was called N'ahuatl. Thanks!
The language that the Aztecs spoke was called Nahuatl. The language Nahuan is very similar as well.
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Languages of the Aztecs
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