Aztec Laws?


The Aztec legal system was extremely complex and was designed to sustain social order and respect for government organisation. Aztec laws were based on royal decrees and on customs that had been passed down from generation to generation.
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You can't dress in a rank different from your own. thats the only one i can remember
We may never know since the practice was rationalized,
Here is everything about the laws of Aztecs: (It should really help)…. Aztec law: As the empire grew and became strong, many peoples
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The Aztecs, known as Mexicans, were ruled by a council, and the huey Tlatoani, they made the laws of the empire and the one of the most influential was a man called ...
Cortes was a Spanish explorer who is famous for his march across Mexico and conquering the Aztec Empire in Mexico. He was born in 1845 and he studied law when ...
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