Who is Babaji?


Babaji is an Indian Saint. Babaji is known to be a manifestation of the lord himself. He also is known to answer prayers and bring peace to those who pray to him.
Q&A Related to "Who is Babaji?"
Sathya Sai Baba is a man living in India right now. He is looked upon as someone like a God or close to God. He is a spiritual leader who teaches the right aspects to living life.
Dear Devi, I pray that Mahavatar Babaji forgive the above f.ls. MB is an immortal Soul and is a para mukta soul living in body since abt 2000 yrs. He is here ,there and everywhere
According to the Aetherius Society the Lord Babaji is 'The Lord of Earth'. He has been on this planet for at least 18 million years which beats ANY Master who has ever come to this
Do you possibly mean Haidakhan Babaji, a teacher who appeared in northern India and
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