How was your delivery if prescribed baby aspirin to prevent m/c?


According to a research done by different doctors, it has been concluded that taking aspirin while pregnant can complicate the birth process. Other results show that it delays labour and may affect the baby's growth.
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Some doctors recommend that women with recurrent miscarriages
It thins the blood which also makes it dangerous to stop taking it once on a daily regimen.
This post is nothing but an offensive anti abortion spewing by some religious zealot who tacks on a question mark just to justify her dump here .Given her rabid hatred of abortion
Baby aspirin can only help you if you've got clotting issues that can lead to a miscarriage. If you haven't been diagnosed with any problems, then don't take any medicine. It's best
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The homeopathic medicine that is a replacement for baby aspirin used for heart disease prevention is Cordyceps. Grapeseed, Hawthorn, and Suma Tea are also take ...
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