How to Knit a Baby Blanket?


Baby blanket knitting instructions can be found online and at most hobby stores. You will need to pick a soft yarn and the correct size knitting needles for the blanket. Most pattern books overs patterns for the beginner to the more advance knitter.
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1. Choose yarn in soft, pastel colors. At least 12 oz. of a light- to medium-weight acrylic yarn will work nicely. 2. Make sure you have size 10 and size 11 knitting needles on hand
1 Select what kind of stitch or stitch pattern you'd like to use. Ways of finding stitch patterns include: Consult a stitch dictionary (a collection of instructions for how to knit
This depends on the size of yarn and needles you are using and the size of blanket you want to produce. Knit a gauge sample using the yarn and needles you plan to use for the project
Go to there are lots of free resources on this site including free e-books, patterns, and tutorials. Here are the video basics to knitting
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