How to Word Invitations to a Baby Dedication?


Commonly used wording for a baby dedication invite can be similar to'John Doe and Jane Doe invite you to share the day with us as we dedicate Baby Doe into God's family.'  People often choose to add a bible verse. Two popular verses are Proverbs 22:6 and Deuteronomy 6:5-7. These can be included in addition to the pertinent information such as location, date and time.
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1. State who is hosting the baby dedication. For example, "John and Sarah Glenn joyfully invite you to the dedication of their daughter Victoria Glenn. 2. Add a line explaining
To make baby shower invitations you can print off something you like for free and the personalize the card with a time and date and where you are holding the baby shower. Also you
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1. Use the words “the baby” where you would have ordinarily said “him or her.” Alternately, you could also use both of the words “him or her” on
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A person can easily plan a baby dedication by selecting a date and making an appointment with a pastor. Invitations will also have to be sent out. ...
Baby dedication can be described as an act of parents submitting their child to God vowing to bring up their child according to God's way and word. It is basically ...
Building dedication invitations should be sent to people who have some association to the building. The date and time of the ceremony should be noted on the invitations ...
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