How to Take Care of an Egg Baby Project?


Take care of an egg baby project, you need to nurture it as if it was a real baby. Make sure that you always have it with you and that it is always under your supervision.
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1. Cut circles of quilt batting and baby-print fabric to fit the size of the canning jar lid. 2. Glue the fabric to the top of the batting, glue the batting to the lid, and glue the
1. Find seven or so crayons as to provide a wide selection to your color. If you do not have any buy some at CVS or a local convenient store. Ad. 2. Draw a face on the egg. Remember
The best project you can do with eggs is eggbabies. You pretend the egg is a baby, an you have to take it everywhere and try not to break it. It is very fun, and it works very well.
they are left on their own like the mom chicken leaves them.
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