How Much Does a Jar of Baby Food Cost?


The price of a jar of baby food varies depending on brand and whether it is organic or not. Organic baby food is typically priced higher, but an average can of Gerber food is about 40 cents.
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1. Place the jar lid upside down on a flat surface. 2. Use florist's clay to attach a small figurine to the inside of the jar lid. The figurine needs to be a bit shorter than the
1 Wash and dry out the baby food jars before any use. They need to be free of any leftover food and dry to avoid bacterial or mold growth. Ad 2 Use the baby food jars to store small
It depends on the size of the jar. Every jar is different. If you are making your own baby food labels, it's a good idea to measure around the jar first and leave half and inch to
Earth's Best is very good and relatively affordable (compared to other "healthy" brands) The ingredients in a jar in front of me are: "Organic Fruits (Peaches, Apples
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Uses for Baby Food Jars
"Reduce, reuse, recycle" stands as the mantra for people concerned about their impact on the Earth. You often can find a way to reuse what ends up in the recycling bin, as with baby food jars. Only a serving or two of baby food comes in the small glass... More »
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