Baby Gender Pencil Test?


One fun thing to do while you are pregnant is to do the baby gender pencil test. It was a test that was formed in Hungary and was used to help determine the gender of the baby before ultrasounds even existed. You need a very sharp number 2 pencil, a needle with sewing thread threaded through. Place the needle in the pencil eraser. Place your hand, palm side up, on a hard surface and then dangle the pencil over your wrist. If the pencil moves side to side, you are having a girl, and if it is moving up and down your arm, it is a boy.
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1. Wait until you hit the 10-week mark of your pregnancy, or six weeks from the date you would have started your period. 2. Take the test in the morning, using the very first urine
You take a string and connect it to something heavy like a penny. Then you dangle it over a pregnant woman's belly. If it goes to the left it's a girl and to the right then it's a
The pencil test predicts gender. Thread
If you're talking about the chemical ones that use urine, they're not terribly accurate, no. If you're talking about the old wives' tales, those aren't accurate at all, so I suppose
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