How to Use a Baby George Foreman Rotisserie?


To use the Baby George Foreman rotisserie; clean both the food to be cooked, and the rotisserie. Take off the mechanism of the rotisserie and place the food at the center. Put the geared wheel into the mechanism and then put in the plug and wait for the food to be ready.The baby George Foreman instruction manual can be found at the manuals online website.
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1. Wash the rotisserie and all of its parts with warm, soapy water and pat dry before using it the first time. 2. Wash the vegetables and/or meat you plan to cook. 3. Chop vegetables
Contact the company - should be a website. Did that w/ a camara - they were happy to send me one.
I found it for you at Manuels On line. 6-4942-9193-79a67920049b.pdf. . *Carla*. 49 months ago.
December 30, 2010 I was just given a Pro line model BL4-738D. It belonged to the mother of a friend of mine. Mother passed away, friend does not sew. It does have an instruction booklet
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