Baby Oil Ingredients?


Baby oil is something that can be used after taking a shower or bath that will help lock in moisture. This is beneficial especially during the dry, cold winter months. Baby oil is not only for babies, but for adults also, or anyone who is suffering from dry skin. There are only two ingredients in baby oil, and that is mineral oil and fragrance. Baby oil is only to be used externally. If you develop a reaction or a rash, discontinue use immediately.
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Mineral Oil and Fragrance.
To one bottle of mineral oil add 1 drop of essential oil and mix thoroughly. Test the product baby oil on your inner wrist. If more essential oil is needed, added one drop at a time
The same oil in engine oil is used to make baby oil. You might not have wanted to know that though. But, it's mineral oil with fragrance.
The only ingredients listed in the Johnson's Baby oil are Mineral Oil and
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Baby oil consist of mineral oil, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, and vitamin A, as well as honey and other fruit extracts. Honey is traditionally used because it ...
Johnson's Baby Oil, according to the company, contains only mineral oil and a light fragrance. GoodGuide reports the ingredients are 'of low health concern,' which ...
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