Baby Sharks as Pets?


If you would like baby sharks as a pet, you will need to buy a big enough aquarium for them to grow in. Sharks that can be kept as a pet are smaller sharks. Before getting one, you should do a ton of research before deciding whether it is right for you. Popular ones people buy for a pet include nurse sharks and leopard sharks. These sharks can grow to be as big as 13 feet long, so this must be kept in mind.
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A baby Shark is called a pup.
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Baby sharks are called pups. Yes, like a baby dog. As soon as the pups are born they are not taken care of by their mother. They are on their own.
1. Before you even begin to seek out a shark, make sure you are ready to own one. They need huge tanks that have already been set up to create a healthy, saltwater environment. 2.
be more specific with which shark you want to own. because i would advise you not to get a big shark.
I recommend you only getting pets after your baby is a year old. You will most likely be too busy caring for your new child and not be able to give the new pet the required attention
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