What are some good ideas for baby shower cake sayings?


The saying that could be on a baby shower cake could read 'Congratulations on the baby!' This could also read 'It's a Girl!' or 'It's a Boy!'
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1. Prepare three store-bought cake mixes according to the directions on the mixes` boxes. You can use regular cake mix, or use sponge cake mixes for a firmer cake. Pour the batter
1. First thing is - Boy or Girl? It's basic, but if you get it wrong you'll be so embarrassed.Boy = blue and Girl = pink, this should be your theme for the cake. 2. Next think about
Given here are some popular picks for choosing a message to stack on the cake.
There are many different types of cakes that cam be served at baby showers. One can purchase a baby themed tier cake, a round cake or a slab cake in a variety of flavors such as chocolate
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Baby Shower Cake Saying Ideas
With all the preparation that goes into organizing a memorable baby shower, it can be the icing on the cake, so to speak, to concoct the perfect congratulatory message to put on the cake. Finding the right words for the occasion is a task that could... More »
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