Baby Shower Cake Wording?


Short sayings from nursery rhymes are a popular choice for when it comes to writing on a baby shower cake. Writing congratulations on the cake is also an option. Some cakes have no writing on them and are decorated with a theme of baby related items.
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1. Select a cake size before creating the message to determine the appropriate length of your message. If the cake is small, you may only be able to fit one line on it. If it's a
You might simply want the baby shower cake to say congratulations. You could have something such as, "Congratulations on the new addition Mike & Jane!" written to the
I think you could write just about anything you feel would be appropriate on a baby shower cake. However, if you are having trouble deciding, you can't go wrong with "Congratulations
1. First thing is - Boy or Girl. ? It's basic, but if you get it wrong you'll be so embarrassed.Boy = blue and Girl = pink, this should be your theme for the cake. 2. Next think about
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There are many different types and styles for baby shower cakes. Bakeries will custom create a baby shower cake if asked. They will use colors that the customer ...
A baby shower cake is a desert that is typically served at a baby shower and it can be a very simple cake or an elaborately decorated cake. The term 'baby shower ...
The saying that could be on a baby shower cake could read 'Congratulations on the baby!' This could also read 'It's a Girl!' or 'It's a Boy!' ...
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