What is the most common babysitter pay rate?


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Salary Profile for Babysitter
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $31,000 $38,000 $26,000
National $24,000 $29,000 $20,000
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1. Find out how much experience your babysitter has. You should ask this at the interview you conduct. The more experience the person has the higher the pay rate can be. 2. Make a
1 Start with roughly $4.50. Ad 2 Add $0.50 for every child 7 or older. 3 Add $1.00 for every child under 7. 4 If they have a permit, add $1.00. 5 Add some depending on their age.
If your babysitter is young and you have only one child, you may be able to
It depends on the experience of the babysitter and what included in their job description.
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Babysitter pay rates range from about $4 to $12 an hour. You could, however, pay a 14-year-old neighborhood girl about $3 an hour instead of hiring an older professional. The rate may be higher if your child is sick or needs special care.
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