How can a 12-year-old obtain a babysitting license?


A babysitting license can be obtained for 12 year old children. The best way for them to get the license is to go through the Red Cross and take a course on babysitting. The course will typically take a total of 6 hours.
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.My town hall/ recreation department offered a 6 hour red cross babysitting course. It was long but it was fun. Just think of it as a day of school learning how to babysit! It was
A 12 year old male should weigh around 83.6 pounds. A female of the same age is health at the 88 pound range. It's much more accurate to look using the height of the child as well
ASSESSING ABILITIES AND LIMITS When you first commit to babysitting a four year old, make sure to talk the parents to get basic information on the child, especially if you have not
1. Play tag. This helps them learn the game and get them really tired, simply tag them and back away, make sure you back out and try to get their attention.DON'T turn your back on
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