Why do crystal violet and bile salts in MacConkey agar inhibit the growth of gram-positive bacteria?


MacConkey Agar is both selective and differential. Differential media grows several types of bacteria with the purpose of bringing out visible differences between the bacteria to assist in identification. It is also selective in that it contains items such as crystal violent and bile salts to inhibit the growth of gram positive bacteria. The purpose is to focus on the bacteria growth that doctors suspect is causing illness in the patient.
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Answer This is a fairly difficult question to answer. Most readings will only tell you that bile salts and crystal violet inhibit gram-positive growth but do not say why. I found
Most of the colonies began as a single bacterium that reproduced into the colony. It is not always so, because there could be several different bacteria clumped closely together.
gram positive bacteria cannot grow due to the presence of bile salts and crystal violet in maConkey media. more
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