Bacteria in Urinalysis?


A bacterium in urinalysis is a common result during urinalysis because there are high numbers of normal microbial flora of the vagina and urethral meatus. The outcome of rare 'A' bacteria in a urinalysis test means that conclusion of the test means that there is few bacteria in your meatus.
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In my urine for culture and antibiotic sensitivity test , pus cells are 10-12/hpf an bacteria is present. there is no growth of aerobic incubation after 48 hours. what does this all
Bacteria in the urine is not normal, are you not having pain/burning on urination, maybe blood, frequency and pressure? It sounds like you have a rip roaring bladder infection. Mucus
It means that when your urine sediment was looked at under microscope, an occasional bacteria was visualized. We all pick up bacteria from outside the urinary tract when we urinate.
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Urinalysis results will give information on such things as white blood cells, red blood cells, epithelial cells, bacteria, yeasts, casts, and crystals. A urinalysis ...
The urine is cloudy from something in it, maybe blood. There's a fair bit of blood in it. While there is bacteria, nothing in the result confirms or doesn't confirm ...
In a urinalysis result, a finding of bacteria great that 1 million per milliliter and seven white cells under a high power field is suggestive of a urinary tract ...
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