What are some symptoms of a bad alternator?


The symptoms of a bad alternator include strange noises, similar to a grinding or whining noise and an illuminated warning light. Other less noticeable and less common symptoms include weird sounds and bad smells. A burning rubber smell becomes noticeable when the alternator is going bad because the alternator works with the belt system. Excess friction due to alternator malfunction is a typical cause of this problem.

Many modern cars are fit with a warning light that appears as "ALT" or in the shape of a battery; This occurs when the alternator begins to fail. If the battery is fully charged and the car still does not start, this is an indication of potential alternator failure. If a car does not have an alternator warning light, the lights on the dashboard and throughout the interior will dim. Power windows and power locks work more slowly than usual when the alternator begins to fail.

A visual check underneath the hood of the car can reveal loose wire or a faulty connection. Seek the opinion of a professional in order to be certain that the alternator is the faulty equipment. The alternator controls all of the electrical currents in your vehicle, so a car is not drivable without a functioning alternator.

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You may see the headlights and dash lights flicker at an idle. You may hear unusual noises coming from the alternator when the engine is running.
If your lights are dimming your alternator may be going bad. If it won't start, you need to have it tested. Advance Auto Parts will do this for free.
Bad altenator symptoms are as follows. 1st check for broken belt to altenator,check for plug ins to back of altenator with engine off,insure plugins are tight.a bad battery can be
Symptoms of a bad alternator include hard cranking, lights
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Bad Alternator Symptoms
The alternator is part of the charging system of your vehicle. Other parts of the charging system include your battery, voltage regulator and wires. Knowing the signs that indicate that your alternator is beginning to fail may keep you from being... More »
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