Bad Brake Booster?


The brake booster is part of the power braking system for most vehicles. Like all parts of a vehicle, the booster can go bad after time. The booster's job is to regulate the brake pedal pressure and stopping distance of the vehicle. If the pedal is high, hard to push, and the car needs a greater stopping distance, almost to the point where you think you have no brakes at all, then you may want to have your brake booster checked out by a mechanic.
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1. Pump the brake pedal a few times with the engine shut off. Depress the brake pedal and hold it down. Start the engine. The brake pedal should almost immediately drop slightly,
If you step on the brake pedal and you here a hiss or the engine idle speed changes, the booster is going bad. If the booster is shot, the brake pedal will be hard with no power assist
How to change a brake booster, generally you can disconnect the master cylinder from the front of the booster. From the inside of the car you should be able to disconnect the pedal
Low braking assistance. Hard Pedal. Pedal Travels straight to floor. You can usually check to see if it's bad by spraying some carb cleaner or ether around the brake booster with
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