Bad Effects of Instant Noodles?


Let's face it, instant noodles are great. They are the staple food for many teenagers and young adults. They are cheap and easy to make. The problem with them is there is no nutritional value. A lot of these types of noodles are actually fried, which gives them a high fat and calorie count. And then they have to preserve them and add the flavoring packet, which gives them more than half a days sodium intake in one pouch. And just for the record, a serving size is only supposed to be half a block of noodles.
Q&A Related to "Bad Effects of Instant Noodles?"
Because in the instant noodle contain parafin or wax to preserve that noodle, so you need to boil and dump the first water. REALLY?! oh dear... thanks for answering, anyway but then
I doubt there are any worse foods you could eat-instant noodles are pure carbs LOADED with sodium, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, and MSG-just read the ingredients on the
it's fine if you eat them in moderation, however these noodles alone do not contain any nutrients that your body needs.... you have to eat veggies, meat protein, fish, fruits, etc
Well since it's instant, they use alot of salt and usually a high amount of MSG (Which is a flavour enhancer. You shouldn't really eat that much, as the nutrients in it are extremely
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