What Are Symbols of Bad Luck?


Symbols in nature that might be bad luck are: No birds, animals fleeing the forest (in front of a forest fire) or racing up to higher ground (to avoid tsunamis or flash flooding). Dead birds on the path in front of you may also be bad luck symbols. However, it would seem that animals fleeing a forest or running up to higher ground might be trying to spread the word that we should all do the same. No birds may also indicate a very dry year ahead.
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crossing your fingers represents the snake on a flag pole which is very bad luck.
Historically a black cat running across your path has been a symbol of bad luck.
1. Confirm it's bad luck. Make sure you're really having bad luck and not suffering from a mental or physical condition. People who are depressed or physically sick in some way may
if you see a black cat early in the morning when going out for work, broken mirrors, spilt salt, spilt milk, when you see the face of an inauspicious person early in the morning,
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