Bad Names to Call a Guy?


There are a variety of bad names to call a guy. It depends on how derogatory you want to be. However, you should try to assess why it is you want to call this person a bad name in the first place.
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WikiAnswers takes a dim view of cyberbullying, or bullying of any kind for that matter. Seeking derogatory or pejorative names to call a guy is sort of like that bullying thing WikiAnswers
The only thing I can come up with is jerk, but why call them anything. Kill them
1 Never smile when he walks by you. It will seem like you are happy that you hurt his feelings. Don't glare either. Death glares convey the same message. Just keep a sad, worried
Well anything that is insulting to the guy, like comments on their looks, actions, emotions, ect. I don't recommend putting curse words in a book. I feel bad telling you possible
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Calling someone anything that would be demeaning to their character or offensive to them. Picking at their background would be considered calling them a bad name ...
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