How to Fix a Bad Perm?


Fixing a bad perm is very difficult. Since a perm is called a 'perm' because it's 'permanent' you have limited options. You can take a shower immediately after the perm to release the chemical agents in the hair, or you can flat iron your hair, or even shave your head.
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1. Determine the cause of the problem. A bad perm is usually the result of perming dry or unhealthy hair, leaving treatment chemicals on too long, or rolling the curling rods incorrectly
Their is no such thing as a bad perm! It was a bold move of you to select such a distinctive, classic hairstyle and you just haven't completed embraced your new look! Did you forget
If you left a perm in your hair for too long, You overprocessed your hair, which means your hair is breaking off, Your hair is slimy feeling with no elasticity. Do you mean that,
1. Gather together the items listed in "Things You'll Need. " Ad. 2. With your head over a garbage can, sink, or tub, apply enough canola oil to thoroughly soak your hair
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You can go to a barber or hairstylist in order to fix a bad perm. In addition, you could also use pressing wax and straighten your hair back to its original state ...
Bad perm solutions are a process reversing a bad hair-do which may lead to hair breakage. A bad perm can be frustrating, but whether you're dissatisfied with the ...
To fix bad hair color, you will need to remove the previous color. You can redye in a darker or lighter color, or add highlights. ...
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