Bad Things about Cloning?


Cloning is a debatable topic among people. Scientists want to play god and create a life. Most other people do not agree that we should have the option to make an exact copy of another life. There are bad things that can happen if we start cloning. First, the value of life or family will diminish. The baby is no longer a child but a copy of you. Second, all live creatures are unique in some way. If we clone, we lose that uniqueness and diversity. Also, genes can be tricky. What happens if a disease gene gets cloned to several people or a recessive gene shows up too late and a whole line of people are affected.
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Things could be mutated and so on. How would you feel about eating cloned beef and drinking cloned milk? But cloning isn't all that bad.
Cloning has remained a controversial issue since the birth of a sheep named Dolly, the first cloned mammal, dominated worldwide headlines in 1996. Produced by scientists instead of
There is good and bad side about cloning but since you are asking about the bad
The technology of cloning in the wrong hands can be very bad. People cloning to create slaves with no free will.armies to destroy enemies.the negative possibilities are really endless
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