Bad Things about Hybrid Cars?


Hybrid cars use two engines, one for gas or fossil fuels, and one for electricity. This is more dependable than solely electric. The problems with these cars are they are expensive. They are built like an economy car but because of the engine they can cost up to 30% more. The mileage on these cars are not always as great as they advertise. Testing is done in a perfect environment and actual mileage performance could up about 10% higher than stated.
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Bad Things About Hybrid Cars
Concerns over global warming and rising oil prices have focused attention on alternative energy, and in particular alternative, environmentally friendly car designs. The most accessible of these designs was the hybrid car, with working models already on... More »
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It will put extra pressure on the gasket in your oil filter & will cause it to fail. The crank will whip up the oil as it spins, causing the oil to foam too.
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