Bahala Na Attitude?


The Bahala na Attitude of Filipinos is a surrender to fate. Bahala na roughly translates to whatever happens. It came from Bathala Na, Bathala being the supreme god of the Tagalogs. It is accepting what fate has to offer, often with a negative connotation.
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hindi ko alam ang sagot.
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"Bahala na" is a Filipino phrase which is sometimes translated as "Leave it to
The Filipino philosophical expression "Bahala na! is usually interpreted as a fatalist remark, comparable to "Whatever will be, will be" According to Paraluman S. Aspillera
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The negative values of the Filipinos include the 'bahala na ' mentality, 'hiya', and 'utang na loob'. bahala na tends to give an outcome of lack of foresight. ...
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