Bait for a Lobster Trap?


Lobster is a delicacy many people love to eat. The problem is how expensive it can be. It is actually not that hard to catch your own if you live near the ocean. Obviously the first thing you need is a good strong trap. Then you need to decide on the type of bait you want to use. Artificial bait is generally a spray that attracts lobsters to its scent. The best way to attract a lobster is with real meat. Many people have good success with pieces of fish or chicken necks.
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1. Consider using artificial bait. The smell of the bait draws the lobsters into it. Some artificial baits are actually smelly sprays you spray into the trap to attract the crabs
Dead fish. They are bottom feeders, after all.
A strategy used by a target firm to prevent a hostile takeover. In a lobster trap, the company passes a provision preventing anyone with more than 10% ownership from converting convertible
Lobster traps were traditionally constructed out of wood but they are now usually
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