Bakers in the Middle Ages?


In the Middle Ages, bakers were also millers. They mill grains to make into flour. It is what they used to make bread. They also have to maintain a good standing with the Bakers' Guilds.
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Since bread was baked fresh everyday ( still is in Europe) the baker had to get up early to begin to make bread. Worked at baking and went to bed early so he could be up the next
The Middle Ages, or medieval period, spanned from the 5th century to the 16th century. It was a millennium, which is one thousand years.
You may be referring to a baker's products which were of consistent quality, taste and/or flavor.
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They wore an apron, tunic, worn out pants, and some kind of long sleeve shirt. ...
A Baker is a person who either bakes or sells bread and this person works in a place called bakery. This profession started in ancient Egypt and during old ages ...
Middle Ages is defined to be the period of time in Europe between the decline of the Roman Empire and the revival of letters (the Italian Renaissance). According ...
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