How to Do Balance Exercises to Relieve Foot Pain?


To do balance exercises to relieve foot pain, lift one leg forward just a few inches off the ground for five seconds. Repeat the leg lift five times then do the same with the other leg. Stand next to a wall and balance on the left foot then hold your right ankle with your right hand for a few seconds. Switch to the other ankle then try the exercise without leaning on the wall. Balance on the painful leg holding your hands out for 60 seconds. Repeat these exercises with your eyes closed.
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1. Place the soccer ball at the base of your feet. 2. Select the foot to balance the ball on. Start with your dominant foot, as you will have more control over it. Once you've mastered
A fifteen foot balance beam should weight about 45 pounds.
One mistake I see a lot of people at your level making is that they lock their knee dead straight. You can't hit the rocker with a locked knee. A slight knee bend (not huge) will
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