What is a Baldwin Acrosonic piano?


A Baldwin Acrosonic piano is a line of compact, upright pianos. They are designed to fit into small spaces and take up less space. In the general market of pianos, they are among the more affordable pianos attractive to beginners or casual players.
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A Baldwin Acrosonic was Baldwins designation for its deluxe cabinet style in it's smaller pianos. While it is true that most commonly Acrosonics were spinet pianos, Baldwin also made
1. Find the exits, entrances and stairways and evaluate how much room you will have at your destination. 2. Wrap the piano with thick, soft blankets. Secure the blankets with tape
The Baldwin Acrosonic is the best of the spinets, but that's really old so I doubt if it would be worth much. If all the action is good and the physical appearance is good, I wouldn't
A 1960 Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet Piano is worth around
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How to Move a Baldwin Acrosonic Piano
Baldwin Acrosonic pianos are slightly smaller and lighter than grand pianos, but moving even small pianos--which weigh at least 300 lbs.--can be a very dangerous process. The biggest risks, of course, are dropping the piano and getting seriously hurt,... More »
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A Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet refers to the deluxe cabinet style in smaller pianos created by Baldwin Company and the Spinet is shorter by about 91.44 centimetres ...
The value of a Baldwin piano can easily vary by several hundred dollars depending on its age and condition. The best way to find out the worth of a piano is to ...
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