How do you get rid of scale rot on a ball python?


If the habitat that the ball python is kept is staying too wet or the humidity is too high, there is a chance that the snake will develop scale rot. To treat scale rot, make sure the temperature and humidity levels are correct. Then clean the tank thoroughly and switch to a paper towel bedding. Triple-anitbiotic cream can be applied to the affected areas.
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Vet is pretty much required here. You need to clean the cage and figure out what caused the scale rot (too much moisture, dirty cage, etc) Source(s) ball pythons.
Get a toothbrush and iodine. Make a solution with 1 cup of lukewarm water to 1/2oz of iodine. Hold the Mouth of the snake open, gently grab behind the head and jaw with one hand and
Hi GB, As a general rule, tail rot/dry gangrene infections of this nature tend to respond poorly to topical treatment. The nature and origin of tail rot differs from necrotizing dermatitis
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