What is some good information about forensic ballistics?


According to Explore Forensics, ballistics in the area of forensic science deals with firearms as to why and how they are used, most frequently in the practice of murder. Many people do not realize that when a person is shot, the wound and the condition of the victim can tell a lot about the weapon that was used, notes Explore Forensics.

Likewise, Explore Forensics states that if the weapon is left at the scene of the crime, it can provide valuable information as to person who has committed the crime. Because most guns have their own unique identifying features, information about the gun can be determined from the bullet, the nature of the wound and from any residue left from the weapon around the wound. Bullets contain a mixture of gunpowder and cordite which leaves burn marks on the skin of the individual wounded, as well as a fine residue on the fingers and hands of the individual who fired the gun. The burn marks on the individual wounded can provide information such as the closeness of the victim to the perpetrator, the kind of weapon used and also if the weapon had any modifications made to it, according to Explore Forensics.

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