How can you troubleshoot a Bally slot machine?


There are various ways to troubleshoot a Bally slot machine. Refer to any instructions or manuals for specific directions on how to troubleshoot it. You may need to contact the manufacturer.
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1. Turn the power off and back on again when you receive a error code of "12. This is an indication that the battery power has dropped below the standard voltage level of 2.9
Hi Again Scott, Just like an old dog, I have to keep digging. Guess what? I dug up a bone! Your "Lucky Stars" slot machine is Bally Model Number: 1168. It was made in 1978
Try your local Yellow Pages.
Bally is a leading maker of slot machines, a coin-operated gambling device. The user inserts money into the machine and pulls the lever. The reel results determine if you are a winner
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