Balsa Wood Tower Structure?


A balsa wood tower is a strong light weighted wood from balsa tree used for floats. To build a balsa wood tower you have to first diagram the tower to provide you with scale, figure out how forces using the diagram, measure and cut the pieces for your structure, put glue on the pieces and stick them together after leave it to dry.
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1. Diagram the tower using the grid paper to give you scale: one grid square represents 1 square inch, for example. Start with the base of your structure, making it wide to keep the
Since you only give "13 sticks each" when you describe the balsa, but give no lengths, no speculation of a design is possible. I guess you will have to do your own design.
Made out of wood and glue.
I am sorry but I could not find a record for the lightest Balsa
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Good Structures for Balsa Wood Towers
Balsa wood is only the third lightest wood in the world, but it is strong. Engineering students build balsa wood towers (or bass wood towers) to learn how to build strong structures. It is an excellent exercise, and students learn a lot doing it. Many... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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Strong balsa wood tower refers to the durable, tall structures made of balsa wood. To make a strong standing tower out of balsa wood, select heavy balsa woods, ...
There are various ways and structures you can build with balsa wood. Balsa wood is very fragile and soft, and should not be made to hold much weight. You can find ...
The best design for a balsa wood tower is a design that incorporates a number of diagonal support beams in order to increase the strength of the tower. Since balsa ...
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