Bang Cowlicks?


Bang cowlicks are bangs that have a certain piece of hair that is very unruly and will not do what the other portions of a person's bangs do. It is very common for children to have bang cowlicks. The cowlicks will usually go away over a period of time. You should not fight the cowlick; it is best to just let your other hair go along with the cowlick. Hairdressers hate cowlicks but they do know to just ignore the cowlicks.
Q&A Related to "Bang Cowlicks?"
1. Choose a bang style that will compliment the natural growth pattern of your hair. For example, if your cowlick grows to the left, opt for side-swept bangs that fall in the same
You'd have to train them to go on that direction. So when you wash them pull them that way, when blow drying pull them that way, when straightening pull them that way. lol I think
If you have a cowlick, it may not be easy to tame. You will have to style it every day with high heat to have workable bangs.
As a full time hair stylist, and part time expert, I can
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