Bang Cowlicks?


Bang cowlicks are bangs that have a certain piece of hair that is very unruly and will not do what the other portions of a person's bangs do. It is very common for children to have bang cowlicks. The cowlicks will usually go away over a period of time. You should not fight the cowlick; it is best to just let your other hair go along with the cowlick. Hairdressers hate cowlicks but they do know to just ignore the cowlicks.
Q&A Related to "Bang Cowlicks?"
1. Choose a bang style that will compliment the natural growth pattern of your hair. For example, if your cowlick grows to the left, opt for side-swept bangs that fall in the same
I also have a cowlick in my bangs, i part my bangs farther back so the a lot of hair covers the cowlick. i straighten it, but i hold the straightener on the cowlick for extra long
If you have a cowlick, it may not be easy to tame. You will have to style it every day with high heat to have workable bangs. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01
As a full time hair stylist, and part time expert, I can
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