What are the duties of a trustee at a Baptist church?


A Baptist church trustee is someone who is responsible for the physical upkeep and maintenance needs of the church. The trustee may be in charge of supervising building repairs, building additions, custodial services, and other similar tasks. The number of trustees in a given Baptist church will generally depend on the size of the congregation and the size of the building. Trustees are generally not paid, but the funds come from tithing, donations, and any grants given to the church.
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Generally, trustees are responsible for the physical plant and equipment of the church. They may supervise custodial services, repairs, new building work, etc.
Legal matters pertaining to the church organization may fall under the duties of the church trustee board. The pastor is generally the head of the board and signs most legal documents
?? By matron I assume you mean an older woman - say, one in her 50s. Her job is to make sure she is a good example for the younger women to look up to. She is to encourage and instruct
All churches have different rules for their trustee: but here is a few of the exspected duties that the church trustee is responable to do, hope it helps.Many officers and laymen
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