What are some good ideas for making a Barbie costume?


Most girls love Barbie and love to dress up like Barbie. Barbie costumes have become widely available because of this. If you are looking for Barbie costume ideas, you can first try using items in your home to mimic your child's favorite Barbie look. For example you may have some old curtains that resemble a look that your child likes. You can also try purchasing old Barbie costumes that may be marked down in price after Halloween.
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1. Spray-paint the shoes, including the bottoms. You want them to look like they are made of one piece of plastic. Let them dry. 2. Mousse your hair or wig into that straight stiff
You could think about dressing Barbie up as Poison Ivy, and have Ken
1 Find a black t-shirt, and dark colored sweatshirt (sleeves covering your hands) black mini-skirt, black tights or leggings, and black converse. These will be the basic pieces which
For Barbie, I think the more pink the better. It may not be what most of Barbie's clothes look like in actuality, but it's how most of us percieve the stereotypical Barbie look, I
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Barbie Costume Ideas
The Barbie collection is a great costume choice as there are several styles and themes to choose from. There are hundreds of variations of the popular dolls used for both entertainment and collection purposes produced by the parent brand, Mattel. From... More »
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