Barn Burning Symbolism?


Barn Burning expresses symbolism through the white house, the rug and the description of the father. The Barn Burning symbols are fire, spring, food in the store, blood and the wagon on moving day.
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fire -destruction. spring-hope. blood- family. judges- acceptance of law.
The story deals with class conflicts, the
1 Identify people who are no longer your friend. This may include people who used to share many common interests with you (talking about life experiences, writing, painting, etc.)
As the story progresses the reader learns that the family has moved often for one reason or another. The father is lifted up as a positive mental picture by his exploits in the Confederacy
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The conflict in the story 'Barn Burning' is internal. The story in the book deals with class conflicts, the influence of father and his young son who is in a dilemma ...
A barn burning can be a tragic thing. Barns are the life source of farms with the feed and livestock inside. Tractors and other farm equipment are often destroyed ...
Barn Burning is a short story written by William Faulkner. The story was first published in 1939. The tone of the story is somber and full of despair. ...
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