Barr Dollars?


Barr dollars are worth its face value. They only seem rare because Joseph Barr, then Treasury Secretary served only for five weeks. If you happen to have a a mint one dollar bill, it can have the face value of 2 dollars though according to US Currency Auctions. Other Barr dollars (not mint) are equivalent to face value or what it says on the bill itself.
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=Answer_ " Unless it's uncirculated, face value only. There's a lot of fiction surrounding these bills. Joseph Barr only served as Treasury Secretary for about 5 weeks, so people
Hi Charlotte: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your question. Joseph Barr was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from December 21, 1968, to January 20, 1969, the shortest
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Hi James: I'm not strong on bills, but I did find an answer by Brad Swain from August, 2007 that seems to fit what you are asking: Brad states "Joseph Barr was the Treasury Secretary
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The actual value among coin collectors for a Joseph W. Barr dollar bill is only around two dollars. People will inflate the price and try to charge inflated amounts ...
The value of a US dollar bill signed by Joseph Barr is face value as of December 2012. The reason is because several of them were printed. If you come across an ...
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