Barrier of Intercultural Communication?


Intercultural communication is the process of sending and receiving information between two different cultures. There can be different barriers such as jargon and slang, ethnocentricity, stereotypes, personal space and time.
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The very fact that you are facing someone of another culture often creates apprehension. You worry about whether you will be able to express your ideas correctly. If you happen to
Interracial and Inter-gender.
I recently saw one on the Independent movie channel called Lemon Tree, a Palestian-Israeli co-production which was very very good.
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What Are the Barriers to Intercultural Communication?
As people travel more for education or business, communication across cultures is becoming increasingly important. Although all humans may express the emotions of joy, pain, anger and fear with the same facial expressions, it is the cultural background... More »
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Intercultural communication refers to effective transmission of messages and priorities from members of one culture to another. Whether one works in academia, ...
Barriers to communication are gender barriers, language barriers and interpersonal barriers. ...
The barriers in Interpersonal communication includes the nonverbal communication. This includes gestures and movements, facial expressions, appearance, vocal cues ...
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