What can the Barrow County jail inmate search be used for?


The Barrow County jail inmate search can be used to identify persons arrested within the last 24 hours and to locate persons currently housed in the Barrow County Detention Center in Winder, Gerogia. The daily population report and booking release report are accessed online on the official Barrow County website.

Through the inmate search one can view every inmate currently detained in the Barrow County jail. For each inmate the following information is listed: full name, sex, address city and state, height, weight, arrest date and arresting agency, status, days in jail and total bond. Additionally, most inmates have their mug shot published. Details about the misdemeanor or felony violations are provided, including the warrant number, number of counts, statute violated, description of the charge, whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony and the applicable court. Arrests made within the previous 24 hours are listed separately, but with the same information included.

The database can be searched by first name, last name or both. Additionally, inmates can be filtered by date of arrest. Also available is a report of all persons released from Barrow County Detention Center in the previous few days. This report identifies the arrest, booking and release dates for each of the released inmates, as well as the name, charges and amount of bond.

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