A Baryonyx was a kind of dinosaur. It was carnivorous, which means it was a meat eater. It lived in the early Cretaceous period, 125 million years ago.
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Baryonyx was about 8 to 10 m long (26 to 33 ft), and around 5 m (12 ft) tall. It probably weighed in the region of 2,000 kg, but analysis of the bones suggests that the most complete specimen was not yet fully grown. Baryonyx is a very... More »
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Baryonyx was a fish-eating dinosaur that lived some 125 million years ago. It had long curved claws that it used to help it capture fish. It's name comes from the Greek meaning "
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At the top of the food-chain were the large meat-eating T- rex dinosaurs like Neovenator and Baryonyx. The dinasour food chain consisted of the T-rex dinasours ...
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