What is atypicality as defined by the BASC-2?


The BASC-2 is a test that evaluates behavior in children. Atypicality is defined by the BASC-2 as a tendency to behave in ways considered 'odd', immaturity, having thoughts regarded as bizarre, and having large mood swings, along with other unusual behavior.
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Atypicality is one of 14 behaviors that the test(BAS2- Behavior Assessment System of Children- 2nd edition (Parent Rating Scales) helps to identify in children tested. Atypicality
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The TRS is given to teachers to rate the child's behavior in the school setting. The PRS is given to parents (birth, foster, or adoptive), guardians, or custodial caregivers to rate
Results obtained using any of the BASC-2 components should always be interpreted in the context of other case information, including developmental history, interviews, academic records
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