What can cause your dog's tail to be swollen at the base?


A swollen base of a dog's tail is often caused by allergic reactions or clogged glands. Allergic reactions can be caused by flea bites or other contact with an allergen. The best thing is to remove the allergen if you know what it might be. If glands are clogged, compressing and cleaning with benzoyl peroxide gel can help. It is also possible that the dog may have a sprained tail which can clear up in a few days or if it is very swollen, an anti-inflammatory can be helpful. If there is no improvement in any scenario, see a vet.
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Broken tail or infection of take him to the vet : good luck.
Significance. The crux of the tail and body is similar to the base of the spine in humans. This area is filled with many sensitive nerve endings and is subject to a variety of stimuli
Allergies or a hormonal disease in origin such as hypothyroidism or
If the tail is drooping as well, it can be something called "cold tail. It can be caused by swimming in cold water, though it is not generally understood why it happens. One
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