How to Circulate Hot Water in a Baseboard Heating System?


There is often a bleed screw on the pipe of each radiator, open it carefully to release air, then bleed the system by turning up the thermostat all the way for an hour, this will open the 'zone valve' to circulate hot water through the baseboard heating system.
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1. Bleed the system at the start of the heating season. Turn the heat on for an hour, and turn it off. Locate the bleed valve at the base of the main system tank. Turn the bleed valve
120-160 Degrees Fahrenheit.
To get the specifics on how a hot water heater works you need to know if it is gas or electric but in general there is a thermostat inside the tank that regulates how hot the water
I need to know how to bleed Hot Water Baseboard heat
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