How to Unplug a Basement Floor Drain?


To unplug a basement floor drain, put your gloves on and use your bucket to eliminate any stagnant water to enter the floor gutter, since they are the closest to the street water drains, basement floor drains and pipes are usually the largest drains in the house, pull out a few feet of snake, if you meet resistance, but cannot advance through with a few turns of the crank, you may have some sort of solid material blocking the drain, if you've cleared the block, your drain should run freely. A basement floor is a floor below the ground.
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1. Remove both the strainer and the clean-out plug, which is usually on the side of the drain basin. Removing the plug requires the proper size wrench. 2. Plug in the power auger.
A sectional rodding machine is the best bet.
You're in luck. Floor drains are the only trapped drain that doesn't need a vent,(check local codes). Cut into the main and come off it with a wye or a combination wye and eighth
There is a "Slow Drain" caused by Clogging somewhere in your Drain Lines, Drain Field or Plumbing going into the house. For septic system, plumbing & water supply maintenance
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Basement floor drains are essential in preventing flooding in the basement of your home. Basement drains are made before the actual floor is laid down and then ...
A person can unclog a basement floor drain by first removing any standing water. Next, a plumbers snake needs to be utilized. The crank on the snake should be ...
Putting a bathroom in a basement is a very big job. You must first find the main drain line. Plan the system and trench the floor. Next you will build the drain ...
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